Smart Wireless Solar Surveillance Camera

Smart Wireless Solar Surveillance Camera

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How to use

High risk locations: Kitchen, garage, workshop, grill, camp fires. Also consider vehicles, boats and campers.


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  • Easy Pull System

    Just pull the tabs to release the Fire Blanket from its case.

  • Suffocate Fires

    Cover the fire with the blanket to put it out in just seconds!

  • No Confusion

    No bulky and complicated extinguishers that leave you with a mess to clean.

The fire blanket is a compact, flame-resistant tool for quick deployment in fire emergencies. Its versatile design allows smothering small fires, shielding individuals from flames, and aiding in safe evacuation. Easy to store and deploy, it's a non-toxic, reusable solution for fire safety.

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Compact, lightweight and easily portable

Prevent fire wherever you go by keeping them in frequently traveled and high risk locations.

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